St. Helen's

Primary School





From left to right: Mr M. S. Thompson - Headteacher, Mrs N. Fredrickson - Deputy Headteacher & Y4 teacher ,

Mrs. K. Jeffery - (Inclusion Co-ordinator) Reception Teacher, Mrs. D. Cleave - Y2 Teacher,








From left to right: Mrs. D. Cerasuolo - Nursery Teacher, Mrs. J. Lowe - Year 6 Teacher, Mr. T. Sudbury - Y3 Teacher, Miss. C. Jones - Year 1 Teacher, Miss. H. Richards - PPATeacher, Mrs. S. Davey - Office Manager and Clerk to Governors







From left to right: Mr. Cole - Site Manager, Mrs. Davies - SEN Teaching Assistant & TA Mentor,

Miss M. Griffins - Teaching Assistant Nursery, Mrs. Khatun - HLTA Teaching Assistant,

Mrs. B. Cunningham - Family Engagement Leader & HLTA Teaching Assistant, Mrs. M. Davies - Y3Teaching Assistant







From left to right: Miss. L. Rees - Year 1 Class Teaching Assitant, Mrs. A. Branford - Y2 Class Teaching Assistant,

Mr. J. Branford - Junior Teaching Assistant, Mrs. H. Khatun - Nursery Teaching Assistant,






From left to right: Miss. C. Penman - Teaching Assistant,Mrs. Alison Cable - Flying Start Manager

Miss. S. Godfrey - Flying Start Childcare Worker , Mrs. M. Pridmore - Flying Start Childcare Worker







From left to right:Mrs. M. George - Nursery Teaching Assistant, Miss. K. White - Flying Start Childcare WorkerMiss L. Cartwright - Teaching Assistant,