St. Helen's

Primary School

 School Vision & Aims

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Our School Aims


To develop the whole child – academically, physically, morally and spiritually by providing a happy, safe environment in which our children can learn important life skills.


To involve our pupils as part of the learning process rather than being a product of the process.


To help our pupils to become more confident, articulate and able to communicate and empathise with others.


To empower our pupils by becoming literate, numerate and technologically able to function effectively in the Twenty-first Century.


To develop good citizens who will grow up to lead safe and interesting lives, and make a positive contribution to society.


To give pupils a strong sense of their cultural identity whilst being aware of, and respectful towards, other communities, locally and globally.


To cultivate a climate of success for all children, celebrating all of their achievements, in all aspects of their lives.




Our Vision


“We want our children to develop a positive attitude to learning by providing an experienced based approach whereby pupils acquire the knowledge and skills required to reach their full potential, in an ever-changing technological society. We expect self-discipline and self-reliance so that our children can work independently as well as in co-operation with others. We aim to create a happy, stimulating and challenging environment where our children can grow in caring surroundings learning respect and tolerance for other people and their property”.




Our Mission Statement


“Expect the best. Give the best. Be the best.”


We interpret BEST as meaning ‘Building Everyone’s Success Together.’


This is reflected in our School Motto:


“All different, All equal”